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As I lived the life of a homeless individual at the age of 51, in a turn of events losing my job, my home and my healthcare benefits. I was at a point of hopelessness suffering with severe depression I contemplated ending it all. Instead I packed up what little I had, left Phoenix, Arizona and moved back to the Midwest to live with family. Unaware that pets were not allow on the premises my dog was reported to the property managers. My family was told that I could stay twenty-one days but my dog had to go. I've had him since he was twelve weeks old and was not willing to give him up. As a result I had no place to go forced to sleep outside in the cold with my dog in unconventional places such as parks or behind buildings like many others.

After three days of desperation, despair and being afraid. I placed my dog in my backpack and went to see the former Mayor of Kenosha John Antaramian for help. He picked up the phone and made numerous phone calls on my behalf. It was at that time I found out I was not eligible for most programs. To my surprise they are set up for families with children. The INNS Program an emergency shelter was available to take me in for the night but my dog was not allowed. Where I go he goes we both ended up out in the cold and from that moment on I decided to change the way, I lived my life, making sure I would be safe and warm. 

I have been blessed to be given a second chance. I could have taken my retirement and went on my way but I wanted to utilize 25 years of experience and go back to work to help make a difference in this world and in the lives of others at risk of danger or death. And with that vision "Walkin' In My Shoes" emerged with its first of its kind Survival Backpack program in America. 

To provide an opportunity and resources to our fellow Brothers and sisters to safety leave the streets. I cannot do it alone. I am looking for supporters of this cause in a effort to help people move beyond shelter into permanent housing.

I hope you will join Walkin' In My Shoes in this humanitarian effort to end homelessness in America. 

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Jo Wynn, Founder of Walkin' In My Shoes

                                        "From his fullness we have all received , grace upon grace".-John 1:16

Jo Wynn, Founder

This photo was taken of Jo Wynn in the rain by the ‘Kenosha News’ July 2004. Jo had just walked out of the “Kenosha Spanish Center” seeking assistance. This picture made front page titled, “Makeshift Umbrella." "It was when I looked my worse. At the time the photographer had no way of knowing I didn’t have an umbrella or a place to go." says Jo

One year later Walkin' In My Shoes was founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin with the first of its kind Survival Backpack Program in the nation.



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