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Walkin' In My Shoes is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization in Kenosha. We are a nonprofit charitable organization that began in 2005 as a grass-roots, community effort led by Jo A Wynn, in response to the increasing issue of underserved homeless populations throughout the United States. Jo Wynn would walk the streets and go into areas where they congregate and provide a listening ear and a hand of compassion. During this she identified three very pressing needs that were not being met by other community organizations.

The three were:

1) the number of young people and women with children living on the streets that were turned away or placed on waiting lists because shelters were at capacity;

2) the need for housing assistance for the homeless population and;

3) the lack of information and access to prevention services for those persons living on the street. 

To prevent the risk of sexual exploitation of these young people, men and women with their children, a new agency emerged to provide them with services that help them leave the streets. Walkin' In My Shoes established the Street Outreach Program to provide information about prevention services that will link the homeless with immediate emergency shelter assistance and to secure adequate placement within 24 hours. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of homeless youth, women and children on the streets of Kenosha who were at risk of being, sexually abused, exploited or commit crimes to try to meet their basic needs.

Since Walkin' In My Shoes launched in July 2005, we have reached out to help over 8,500 individuals and families obtain the help that they needed.  Among them 3100 were via phone calls, emails, social service agencies, schools, churches, and community members. While the other 5400 were among single women, and women with children, men/single fathers, single parent with children, veterans, senior citizens, people living with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, incarcerated females, ex-offenders, mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, under aged minors, teens thrown away, LGBTQ teens and young adults, teens that have aged out of the foster care system and teens who have aged out adopted homes safety leave the street and into permanent housing.

Our 24 hour emergency hotline is available to them 365 days a year by calling (262)  331-7412

National Homelessness Memorial Day

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Walkin' In My Shoes, Inc. developed the Survival Backpack as part of the street outreach program to provide underserved unsheltered street homeless individuals and families with immediate needs including personal care items.

The backpack was inspired by the founder's ten-year-old three pound Toy Maltese named "Isaiah" everywhere she goes he would travel tucked away inside her backpack.

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